Basic concepts in Networking

Hello Guys, the first stop was to get a basic knowledge of networking concepts. well im going to be putting them in my own words and quote where needed .

Basic things you should know in networking

whats a computer network?

a computer network is the interconnection of computers for the purpose of sharing. sharing here is not limited , sharing could range from files, to internet e.t.c
Networked computers can share available resources

Components Of Computer Network
when we talk about a computer network we should feature
* 2 or more computers
* Cables for linking
* NIC “Network Interfacing Card” on each computer
* Switches
* OS on the computers

Resources On the Network
* Hardware : network allows users users share hardware like printers fax modem
* software : software sharing is made easier and faster , save stress of downloading

Some benefits of a computer network setup would include ‘increased speed , reduced costs,security, flexible access and more

WHat could go wrong?
basic disadvantges would be high cost in installing , administration, server failure, cable faults////


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