you must accept the fact that
something might go wrong along the
way. with that in mind i usually
recommend this step immediately after
rooting. if you wont flash cwm, then i
will advice against rooting also.
1. Go to playstore on your phone and
download “mobileuncle tools” (you
must be rooted for this app to work).
2. once it is installed, download the
cwm from this
3. now put the RECOVERY.IMG file
inside your memory card directly (not in
a folder oooh) and open the mobileuncle
tools and choose the Recovery Update
It would be the first one you see on the
4. select it and say yes to all it asks..(it
wont take advantage of you, I promise).
5. It should reboot into recovery. which
is a dark screen with blue text. (in the
future, use the power button + volume
up button to enter recovery mode)
Now lets back up your phone.
1. you will need at least 2-3GB free
space to back up (depending on ur
installed app) as well as at least 50%
bat3. Use the volume buttons to scroll
up and down and the power button/
camera button to make selections.
2. once you are in recovery mode, scroll
down to backup and restore and select
it. next choose the backup option which
is usually the first option. Sit back and
relax cuz it takes a while. Once that is
done, scroll down to go back and den
select the reboot phone option to turn
your phone back on..


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